From something cool a 9-year old could code, mobile apps have become a knowledge and capital intensive game tangled up in global politics.

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Like nature, the internet needs a self-regulating component that consumes dead material, before old and useless content overwhelms it.

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When all you have left are choices beyond Earth, which will you choose?

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“We need to take all heavy industry, all polluting industry, and move it into space. And keep Earth as this beautiful gem of a planet that it is.”

— “Jeff Bezos swung by space and has some thoughts”, Engadget

Social validation is the most effective way to motivate employees, yet it is largely ignored by companies.

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Four entries were created by artificial intelligence using keywords provided by the organizer. How did it fare against human writers?

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A tale of how a little girl came to understand religion, conflict, life and eventually, death.

Illustrated by Sinn Chun Hou

Chapter One— Fall from Grace

Once upon a time there was a little angel, who lived in Heaven with all her fellow angels. Now Heaven, as you know, is a place of perennial peace, happiness, and love, where all the angels flutter about like butterflies in a beautiful valley of bright flowers, enjoying the warmth of spring and the gentle breeze of the cool air.

Does it help you to create a company? Elon Musk says no, but what does the rest of the world think?

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Mustering Better Answers

Since I have a lot of MBA holders and startup founders among my LinkedIn network, I…

A private musing over an AI experiment gone wrong unexpectedly sparked off a culture and ethics debate in China.

Source: Xinzhiyuan on WeChat

Expecting staff to take notes studiously during a meeting is a sign of a boss that wants conformists, not thinkers.

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Holding on to your every word

Have you…

Four technologies showcased at Google I/O 2021 has the potential to combine and power a humanlike hologram android.

AI hotel manager ‘Poe’ from Netflix series Altered Carbon

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