#AIGenerated — Why the Internet Needs This

Generative AI will mark the start of the Internet’s decline, unless Internet ‘Robocops’ are developed to enforce ‘dual citizenship’ labels.

Lance Ng


Image created by AI — Microsoft Bing powered by DALL-E

Have you ever wondered when the Internet would stop growing and decline instead? The common wisdom has always been that a lot of people in the developing world do not yet have access to the Internet. So it has lots of room to grow…

Contrary to popular belief, I think the Internet is about to enter an era of negative growth, or at least the Internet as we know it now.

Trust and fascination

The fact is this: the growth of any information network has always been tied to two words: trust and fascination.

When human history begun, information was transmitted person to person, either verbally or in writing. Then came the invention of the printing press; whereupon books, magazines and newspapers were born. Next, radio waves brought the radio and TV, and live mass media became a giant industry. Finally we created the Internet, which became a medium for connection, storage and transmission of all of these information sources…

But think about this for a minute.

Beginning with your own personal ‘gossip’ network — or whatever it is you use your friends and family grapevine for — you would want to receive more information from a particular source only if it was reliable, or entertaining. If all your cousin keeps talking to you about was her neighbor’s cat, after a while you wouldn’t be very interested to engage in idle chit-chat with her.

The same goes for the printing press and broadcast industries. Any article or program had to fall into one of these two groups in order to gain popularity and grow — either it was trusted as a source of facts, or it provided enough entertainment value despite being fiction.

That’s why be it for books or movies, there is always a disclaimer right at the beginning stating whether this is fact, or fiction. I’m telling you upfront whether this was made-up or real, so you can judge for yourself how this information impacts you.

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