He Gave Up the Chance to Be the CEO of Citibank

Ajay Banga left Citibank to head the much smaller Mastercard; increasing its value by 12x over 10 years. Read his unique takes on success, work-life balance, innovation and living through 9/11 in New York.

Source: Youtube

Look to the future, and create change

Mastercard share price since Ajay Banga became CEO. Source: TradingView

Secrets to success

“I think you can be successful without the humility, but you won’t enjoy it as much.”

“(Even if) you are one person, you can make a difference; if you have the energy and the passion, and if you know how to communicate well.”

Work-life balance is all about interest

“Work-life balance starts with enjoying what you do, really well.”

Don’t give me a spreadsheet

True diversity has nothing to do with gender, race or religion

“Diversity is about having people around you who don’t think like you, walk like you or talk like you.”

“…by the actions we take…we can do well, and do good at the same time.”

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