Hi Aitor,

Totally agree with you the growth of apps to become ecosystems. Perhaps you did not finish the whole article and read the concluding statement?

And guilty as charged on the clickbait title. In fact, the original title was “Mobile apps will disappear soon”. It was meant to be a word play on ‘disappear’ as a verb, for ‘little apps’ as you call it, not extinction of all apps.

Funnily enough I thought when Medium picked it up as a feature story their editors would change the clickbait title. They did change it, to something even more clickbatish! Which is the one you see now!

Oh wells, if it serves a means to an end…. I have to respect the expertise of the folks running the platform don’t I? <chuckles>

Investor | Entrepreneur | Thinker — Clubhouse @lanceng 🔗 www.3linepitch.com

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