Hi Alex,

Yes to the clickbait. A pun on the word ‘disappear’ but not saying ‘extinct’. It was pointed out by many before but I decided it was still an effective title to drive the story across. <wink>

  1. Yes, that’s why I still love iOS more compared to Android. But even if iOS is designed to be highly resource efficient with many apps running, more apps still means pay more for higher storage specs. Especially if you are a mobile gamer. And with the cost of iPhones going up….
  2. Agreed, apps won’t decrease simply because more people will build apps using no-brainer tools (logically they will go up). In fact, my article proposes that people won’t use these app builders, because they have no real use for these amateur apps. But what I am saying is that apps will start disappearing cos they can’t monetize and there’s a cost to keeping them around forever, so many will begin to shut down and bow out, or consolidate into larger app ecosystems.

Much appreciated for reading. Cheers! Lance

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