Hi Dao Shen,

Indeed, this statement speaks out more the the typical Medium reader who is likely to come from western countries such as the US, Europe, Australia etc., who tend to have meats like chicken and beef as part of almost every meal.

Here’s a chart from a BBC article that illustrates this.

Regarding your comment, “However we should call out the lies, not imply that sustainability itself is untenable. Most of your references do this, and more so, imply that there are magically unyielding systemic processes that prevent improvement. It is more likely the money behind these articles benefits (albeit oh so temporarily) from maintaining the systems in question.

I’m not sure which references were you referring to. The ones I’ve cited largely pointed out the misrepresentations or erroneous public perceptions of popular remedies. They don’t seem to imply that sustainability is “untenable” to me. Neither do they encourage people to not try and be sustainable or that the existing systems are unyielding. They are simply pointing out the deeper insights most folks do not realize…

Thanks for reading. Love to hear more of your thoughts to further the discourse.



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