Hi Dmorrow,

Thanks for reading and joining in the discourse.

Indeed, to a great extent you are right. Laurence Peter himself meant his book as a satire rather than a robust study into how firms promote their staff. It is said also that he totally did not expect it to be such a hit.

Many folks have since contested it vehemently, and you’re probably right in what you’ve articulated so well, though I find that in general, comments made anonymously might invite even more skepticism from those self-absorbed, arrogant, unlikeable individuals you’ve talked about. Standing by what you believe in is also a quality of a good leader and one that inspires respect and loyalty. Or perhaps due to the job you have that might be inconvenient, so you need to articulate ‘the truth’ anonymously?

Nonetheless, it all makes for entertaining reading and lively debate. I’ve also sought to balance Peter’s Principle with views based on the experiences of others as well as my own so that readers can do something about it instead of just gripe at ‘how unfair life is’.

That’s the most important thing isn’t it? Not just the courage to speak your mind but also to do something to change things for yourself, or those around you affected by it.



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