Hi Ken,

You mean decentralized applications? i.e. blockchain?

Well, personally I feel that too much of it is going on out there based on too little understanding of what it really does and what it’s useful for. A lot of so called innovation and startups are really there just to feed off the easy money from venture capital jumping in.

After 3 years or so the same article could be written about blockchain or crypto startups. Did we really need so many for all sorts of uses???!! Blockchain is really good only for certain use cases; especially those that can be housed in and benefit from a large, public, decentralized network. But not many others…especially those that need high security and centralized servers.

But alas, human society is always only wiser in hindsight. That’s why financial bubbles keep repeating itself since the Holland Tulips 2oo+ yrs ago.

See my LinkedIn post where I quizzed my network on 4 basic questions related to crypto and blockchain. Hardly anyone could answer them properly.. and they are mostly involved in such startups.. Goes to prove it’s blind following the blind.. Billions will be burned… yet again! <chuckles>



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