Hi Rajiv,

Actually I would have thought it is the other way around.

Many folks are drawn into entrepreneurship due to the hype of Silicon Valley and cult status of legendary founders like Zuckerberg and Jobs. The glamorization and propaganda draws them in to start, but success depends on whether they can last the grind.. and that, has a lot to do with innate character and talent.

Of course, ‘training, education or mentoring’ is important for the skill sets — the stuff MBA school or entrepreneurship programs teach you — one needs in business in order to maintain control over the operations and strategize for decisions . But when it comes to the crunch, the mettle to tough it out and the smarts to navigate all the business treachery, comes from within.

Again, I must emphasize that I’m not talking about the average business here, but the ones who make it to unicorn status.



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