Hi Samantha,

Tks for reading and your incredible input.

Regarding the fact that charisma is better at getting money and the unique quality of the founding team, I didn’t actually miss it. It’s just too much to discuss in one single article.

I would direct you to my other articles on “Entrepreneurs can’t be taught” and the “Founders who can”. They deal with these aspects of founders and teams.

Unfortunately the reality is the best product or idea in the world needs to be sold, otherwise it’ll probably not ever be funded or noticed. Sitting there hoping someone would recognize your talent or brilliance often doesn’t work. That’s why in the history of inventions it usually isn’t the academics and research scientists that make the most money out of their work. It’s always the businessmen who figures out its potential and how to market and brand it.

In entrepreneurship it’s often a lonely affair and screaming at the world to be understood. The problem that bugs me today is too many people look to VC’s to fund their big idea instead of figuring out how to bootstrap and build a business that produces revenue and a viable business model the old fashion way. It’s too easy to have big dreams and ideas when it’s someone else’s money!



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Content | Technology | Entrepreneurship 🔗 www.linkedin.com/in/lancengym/