Introducing 3 Line Pitch, an Easy Way for Founders To Find Investors

Raising funds isn’t easy. Finding, contacting and pitching to suitable investors takes a lot of time and effort — and it usually results in rejections!

Yet, many VCs today advocate that founders should build up their network of potential investors from day one and keep them updated as the company grows. While that is certainly good advice, as a founder myself I’ve found no efficient way of doing that.

For one thing, if you didn’t already have a network of VCs and angels, how can you go about building up that list without spending too much time away from actually growing your business, especially during the busy early stages?

Cold calling usually lands cold responses

Trying to build up a list of suitable investors through googling online or searching on LinkedIn is usually a futile effort. It is very time consuming and most of the time you don’t even get a response.

So what you can you do as a noob, ‘unconnected’ founder?

It probably means spending time to network at events, taking part in various accelerator programs and pitch competitions, sending out a regular newsletter and all sorts of other activities that takes you away from actually building your product and company.

As one VC told me, these days one co-founder usually ends up spending most of his time on fundraising.

A platform dedicated to new startups

After almost 20 years of being involved in the startup ecosystem, I have developed thousands of investor contacts and the number grows every day through my presence and activities in social media, blogs and networking.

So I decided to create to help new startups reach out to potential investors. It is also an easy way for investors to stay updated as potential startups grow. Instead of having to sieve through an inbox full of cold call emails and investor newsletters, all of the information they need on the startups they are tracking are found in one dashboard.

For startups, it means spending just 15 minutes to create a profile on 3 Line Pitch. Once your basic details and elevator pitch are ready, you can announce yourself to a list of professional investors curated based on your profile and their investment preferences.

Our matching system will ensure that your company gets introduced to the right investors via their personal email. From there they can follow you as you progress and receive real-time updates of your milestones chart on

Proven framework for elevator pitches that works

The 3 Line Pitch framework has been proven to be successful. I first introduced it in a Medium story back in November 2018 about “The Truth Behind How Venture Capital Chooses Startups”.

Since then, many readers have gone on to benefit from the observations I made in that article and the framework I’ve introduced for a concise and effective elevator pitch.

Babatunde, founder of Sycamore, was one of them. In his LinkedIn post below, he shared how he found success using the 3 Line Pitch framework.

I’ve finally found time to port all of my investor contacts into one platform and set up a way for founders to reach them easily. As an entrepreneur myself, I hope you too can find success using the most efficient and effective channel possible.

Today there are community platforms for just about everything. Why hasn’t something been built to allow founders and investors to connect with each other easily?

I hope will fill that void.

Give it a try! And let me know if you think of any features that might be able to help you succeed in your startup journey.

Keep grinding, and good luck!

Get funded on — The easiest way for startups and investors to find each other.



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