Introducing 3 Line Pitch, an Easy Way for Founders To Find Investors

Stop cold calling investors and facing rejections; draw them to you with a concise elevator pitch and real growth.

Cold calling usually lands cold responses

Trying to build up a list of suitable investors through googling online or searching on LinkedIn is usually a futile effort. It is very time consuming and most of the time you don’t even get a response.

A platform dedicated to new startups

After almost 20 years of being involved in the startup ecosystem, I have developed thousands of investor contacts and the number grows every day through my presence and activities in social media, blogs and networking.

Proven framework for elevator pitches that works

The 3 Line Pitch framework has been proven to be successful. I first introduced it in a Medium story back in November 2018 about “The Truth Behind How Venture Capital Chooses Startups”.

Get funded on — The easiest way for startups and investors to find each other.



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