Is Game Changers Funded by Impossible Foods or Beyond Meat?

Evidence shows the vegan film is linked to investors of meat alternatives. Ironic given the film accused meat producers of funding biased propaganda…

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Arnie says eat your veges

The first thing that hits you about the film right from the opening credits is the number of celebrities associated with it.

Vegan hypocrites?

At this point vegans would probably point their fingers at me and say, this is not the same as the tobacco or meat industry because we’re telling the truth, instead of masking or hiding it.

Going beyond the impossible

For decades health and animal rights advocates have failed to convince the general public to give up its taste for meat.

The ‘real meat’ of the documentary is in the pockets of…

Beyond Meat is primarily funded by venture capital (VC) funds Kleiner Perkins, Obvious Ventures, DNS Capital and Cleveland Avenue. Bill Gates is also a big angel investor.

Source: AdAge

Hypocrite indeed

James Wilks, MMA fighter and martial arts instructor, produced and starred in the documentary which was first released at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2018.

“They are doing it for the social returns, not for the financial returns.”

— James Wilks, producer and main star of The Game Changers, in a YouTube interview.

I think we’ve kind of established that both Chris Paul and James Cameron could make a lot of money from higher demand for Beyond Meat’s products.

Shaolin monks and transparency

I’m not against vegans. Nor am I denying the tremendous planet earth benefits of less meat eating.

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