Microsoft vs 996 and the Game Coder’s Grind

Tech employees all over the world are complaining of burnt out. Can Microsoft’s four days work week experiment change mindsets?

Source: DLPNG

Microsoft breaks ranks

In a somewhat timely twist, news broke out in early November 2019 that Microsoft had conducted a four days work week experiment in its Japan office in August 2019. Offices were closed on Fridays for that entire month.

Saving on goof time

An Ohio University study found that out of a typical 8-hour work day, the average employee spent almost three hours of it doing frivolous activities like reading news, surfing social media and chatting with colleagues on matters unrelated to work. Interestingly, 26 mins of it were spent looking for new jobs!

What’s needed to work 6x4?

Before we all rush out to scream for 6-hour days or 4-day weeks, consider this: most of the positive surveys on shorter hours or work days involved office workers.

  • Physical presence isn’t always needed
  • Employees understand their performance goals clearly and are incentivized to deliver
  • Employees are not frequently distracted during work hours by colleagues or long meetings

The gaming sweat shops

I love Hasan Minhaj’s ‘Patriot Act’ series on Netflix. In each episode the comedian takes a dig at important issues with well researched materials.

Linking productivity with rewards

In startup hubs across the world, young people work long hours to achieve their dreams of rapid growth and building the next big startup name.

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