Shunned by Venture Capital, SafeStamp® Raised Funds on Clubhouse Instead

I interviewed founder Matt McGuire on how he broke through rejections from VCs and pitched his way to success on the social app Clubhouse.

SafeStamp® team

You can’t fake it

McGuire is an American and a former analyst for elite military special operations. While deployed in Iraq, he noticed the amount of fake drugs circulating within the local economy.

Source: SafeStamp

Too early

The main issue, according to McGuire, is the fact that his company is ‘pre-revenue’. The VCs that have listened to his pitch mostly liked what they heard but told him it was “too early”.

I’ll take your whole round

McGuire didn’t set out to pitch in Clubhouse initially. He simply noticed that there was “a real community” gathering within the app and he went in to share casually about what he was doing.

Source: SafeStamp® Twitter account

Tell your story

McGuire has the following advice for other founders looking to raise funds on Clubhouse.

  • Don’t just focus on the moderators. Sometimes the real investors are lurking among the audience.
  • Be succinct in your pitch; take criticism and don’t be too defensive.

Investor | Entrepreneur | Thinker — Clubhouse @lanceng 🔗

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