‘Stupid AI’ Is the Key to Success for Humans in the Next Era

High value AI will be useless without human input —all other generative AI will just be a cheap tool like a hammer or word processor.

Lance Ng


The world is heading to a future where we will actually go backwards in terms of information management. Truly original and insightful content will no longer be free on the internet. You would have to pay for it just like the old days, when you had to buy books and newspapers in order to gain useful information.

Of course, there’ll be still public services like libraries, but authors of generally good insights and knowledge will no longer allow their content to be ‘hijacked’ for free on the internet. Otherwise, generative AI models will just ingest it and spit back the same knowledge to users for a fee when they receive “prompts”.

So how can a human worker become valuable in a world like this?

Be a domain expert, not an AI ‘prompt engineer’

At the World Government Summit in Dubai recently, Nvidia founder Jensen Huang told delegates that we should NOT be asking our children to learn coding! Rather, they should choose a field to become a domain expert in.