The Endgame for LinkedIn Is Coming

After two years, Microsoft still hasn’t delivered on its grand vision for LinkedIn. And it may never do so.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash. Logo from LinkedIn media resources.

A classic case of turning a loser into a winner… for one person.

The only clear winner in the whole deal is Reid Hoffman, the founder and Chairman of LinkedIn.


‘Inconsistency’ would be the word

By all measures LinkedIn wasn’t a great company; even though it kept boasting about its user growth.

LinkedIn vs Facebook earnings per share
LinkedIn vs Facebook share price

Where were the problems?

In the aftermath of that 44% stock price plunge, much was written about what LinkedIn’s problems were.

Microsoft’s prescription: remedy or mistake?

Source: LinkedIn media resources

The irony is more than thick

Irony 1: If Nadella’s strategy to attract even more Office 365 users via integrating LinkedIn works, it may face monopoly lawsuits yet again.

Source: Bitglass

Could Microsoft succeed as the (super generous) white knight?

The acquisition was completed in December 2016. It’s been more than two years. How has it been?

LinkedIn quarterly results since Microsoft acquisition. Source:
Source: Microsoft Q4 FY 2018 10K Report, pg. 75

Put your money where your mouth is

In October 2018, Microsoft said in a regulatory filing that activity on LinkedIn will be one of six factors which will be used to determine how much performance stocks Nadella and four other top company executives get.

From left: Jeff Weiner, Satya Nadella, Reid Hoffman. Source: LinkedIn media resources

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